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  • This course will give the students a firm grasp on statistical concepts that would be crucial to their major and career. It will introduce the elementary statistical procedures for bachelor science students who have non – mathematical background. In this course, students will learn how to use graphing calculators and read computer output in an effort to enhance the development of statistical understanding. Additionally, using the vocabulary of statistics this course will provide a basis for the students to communicate with statistical methods, results and interpretations. Also this course will help the students to understand the connections in between the aspects of the statistical process, design, analysis and conclusions.

  • The study of attitudes has been one of the most central areas in educational studies although it has many difficult issues.That’s why, it is important to have a clear understanding of attitudes for educators and educational scientists.This course will provide to the students a comprehensive and accessible overview of attitudes. First, the basic issues in attitude research will be discussed by dealing with definitions and functions, masurement and structure. Second, the source of attitudes, cognitive constructions and persuasion process and behavioural influences will be examined. Last, consequences of attitudes focusing on information processing and behaviour will be dealt. Some examples in the area of attitude and attitude change (i.e .persuasion) will be shared in the class discussion. .

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